Reza admits that he did not create the webpage (Reza M. Reza Mosaddeque Mosaddeque Reza)

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Email in which Reza M. Reza (Mosaddeque Mosaddeque Reza) acknowledges that I created all of the content for the website.

Email: March 28, 2005 From: Reza M. Reza ( To:Carl (Business associate)

I really appreciate your wonderful comments. Other than work and family, this personal project and search engine optimizations are taking up majority of my time. However its really addictive.

To be honest with you, Travis deserves the credit. I'm CC'ing a copy to Travis. All I really did

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Reza the thief Page 28.jpg

was fine tune the content for search engines to read more easily.

What are your ideas regarding more unique key words? We have been out of Odessa and consumed in our day to day activities - that I'm absolutely brain toast in terms of what new key words to use. Of course your suggestions are DEFINITELY welcome and needed.

My best regards to you and your wife, and more visitors on Odessa Guide and the Message Board - the better it is!



Reza the thief Page 29.jpg

Reza M Reza stole thousands of dollars

Reza M Reza stole thousands of dollars from me.

See the first email message in the email thread in the above posted email:

"This month advertising revenues from posting google adds (sic) of other business is almost $100 - which means that Google is making close to $2,000 in advertising revenue by displaying advertisers banners on my site. This translates to about 20 cents per visitor for Google."

In 2005, when the webpage was first posted, Raza was making $2,000 advertising revenue. was disabled in 2014.

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